Introducing Reservoir Spirits: Distilling the Spirit of Brisbane

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For over 18 years, we at Brisbane Brewing Co. have honed our craft in brewing beer. Now we’re thrilled to unveil our latest venture into the world of beverage: Reservoir Spirits. This new sub-brand is a heartfelt extension of our dedication, ethos, and deep passion for creating exceptional beverages.

Drawing deeply from the vibrant and tropical ambiance of Brisbane, Reservoir Spirits is more than just a spirit; it’s our love letter to the city. We named our brand in honour of the history of Woolloongabba and the chain of lily-covered waterholes reservoirs that once beautified its landscape.

A Spirit Inspired by Brisbane

Every spirit we produce is distilled five times, offering a pristine canvas for our creativity. Using a pure wheat base, our spirits resonate with diverse flavours, echoing Brisbane’s abundant botanicals, unique climate, and tropical undertones. Our intricate distilling philosophy ensures that every bottle genuinely captures its place of origin.

About Reservoir Spirits

Reservoir Vodka: With precision and expertise, we’ve distilled this vodka five times from wheat, ensuring a smooth and clean flavour profile. We love it with a twist of fresh citrus or as the base for a dry martini.

Reservoir Gin: This embodies Queensland’s tropical ambiance. Styled as a London Dry Gin, it brings together 13 botanicals, including juniper, mango, and pineapple, offering a taste that’s unmistakably Brisbane.

Unique Design and Artistry

The design on our bottle, crafted by local artist Emily Devers, illustrates the natural ingredients of our spirits. As a fun snippet, Emily also designed our Brisbane Brewing Co. logo back in 2015. Collaborating with her again has produced a design that’s not only distinctive but also deeply connected to Brisbane.

Pricing and Availability

Reservoir Gin: $65 for 700ml

Reservoir Vodka: $55 for 700ml

You can purchase our spirits in-store or online. We’re proud to offer shipping Australia-wide.

A Glimpse into Brisbane Brewing Co.

When we started our journey in 2005, we were inspired by UK and European brewpubs. Over the years, our venues have become a favourite spot for Brisbane locals. Our dedication to championing local breweries and our unyielding drive for improvement shines through in every hand-crafted brew we produce. With our recent rebranding in 2022 and the launch of Reservoir Spirits, we’re on a thrilling path of evolution, presenting innovative beverages to the Brisbane community.

Diversifying for a New Era

As we continue to evolve, diversifying into spirits isn’t just about expanding our product range. It’s a reflection of our excitement to connect with new audiences. We’ve always cherished our beer-making journey and felt the urge to extend that love to other beverages. The birth of Reservoir Spirits is our commitment to innovation, and our wish to craft distinct experiences for both our loyal patrons and those discovering us for the first time. We believe in creating, not just drinks, but memories and stories that touch the heart with every sip. As we embark on this new journey, we invite everyone to join us in this exhilarating new chapter and savour the spirit of Brisbane like never before.

For more information, please reach out to us at [email protected]

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